In the modern world, most companies and just web-site owners are eager to make their web resource multilingual. Based on economic considerations, this is the most effective way to attract foreign partners. It is interesting to note that translation of a web-site into a Slavic language attracts no more than 4% of the global audience, while translation of a web-site into English, French and Chinese immediately attracts 70% of the global audience. Jaco Translation Agency will easily translate your web-site into the relevant language.

So, let’s consider stages of the translation of web-sites:

  • Copying the entire content of a web-site to determine the cost of translation. This is the task of our editor; you only provide a link to the web-site and wait for an “invoice”.
  • Translation of the content. Translation is made according to prices of any text document.
  • Translation of elements of the webs-site. These are menu items, pop-up lists, banners and graphic images. The basic complexity of this translation is the accurate choice of semantic content. Names of specific sections sometimes complicate the process of translation as literal translation will be inaccurate.
  • Translation of articles and advertising texts. To do this, the translator needs a non-traditional approach as literal translation of our advertising into a foreign language will be ridiculous.

Cost of the translation of a web-site

It is determined in each specific case. Articles with advertising content are often translated at a price of usual text, and the price of translation of all graphic images is calculated by elements. By the way, you can order translation of a certain section or paragraphs of the menu only; such practice is also frequent. Many people order translation of the basic information only leaving articles and other information without translation. Of course, this is a more budgetary option, but it is not always practical.

“Turn key” web-sites

Making such a translation, our employee may work both alone or with your web-master. Practice shows that in case of cooperation of a translation and a web-master, the result is exactly what the customer needs. In such case, the cost of translation is calculated in advance.

Web-site support

After translation of a web-site into a foreign language, information posted on it loses its relevance quite quickly as each added piece of news or a simple comment requires translation. We can offer you one of our employees for your web-site. Our employee will make prompt translation of any content posted on the web-site in any form (proof reading, editing, addition).

Editing web-sites

This work should be performed only by certified linguists with their own style being able to integrate even “the cheapest” text into a work of art. It is such people who work daily in our team constantly improving their skills.

Proof reading of texts

This service is also in demand after translation into a foreign language. During makeup, programmers make minor errors, which do not affect the operation of the web-site, but make the text inconvenient for reading.

Rewriting of texts on pages

This is one of the most practical and efficient way to improve the rating of a web-site without changes in its structure, and, which is the most important thing, for mere kopecks. We cooperate with a company engaged in the promotion of web-sites using text content for 12 years already.

Distant cooperation

Upon request of a customer, we conclude an official service agreement. Of course, the practice shows that it is requested by new customers only. In addition to remote form of cooperation, we also provide the “call of a translator” service. You can order a translator “with you” on an individual basis. Such translator will accompany you (at the expense of the customer) to other country to provide services on site. The practice shows that the average price of this service varies in the range of EUR 50/day.


To check the web-site, we need only the addresses of the Russian/Ukrainian and translated versions of the web-site. Texts of the translated web-site are edited by a native speaker.


The most convenient form of cooperation with us is a translation services agreement with prepayment system. You can forward a lot of small text blocks for translation and agree orders by email.